Sunday, November 10, 2013

The Race Card

Last week our class was assigned an article to read on racism. The article was on a young black boy who was racially profiled. Police came to the boys house after he was reported as a suspect of a burglary. The boy, only 13 years old, was handcuffed and questioned by the police. The controversy over this article is because the police  were not in uniform and automatically cuffed the boy. Many people will argue that the boy was targeted because he was black. In all reality, he was not targeted. He fit the description of a young black male wearing cargo short, therefore the police acted on him being a potential suspect. Although the boy was not the one who was the burglar, the police did their job by cuffing and questioning a suspect. It honestly troubles me that people continue to pull the race card. I believe people need to stop using race as excuse and own up to things.

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